Pinwheel Movement

Good Vibes Pinwheel Movement Quarantine 2020 Spread Joy

Here goes nothing, my first official blog post. I've wanted to start one forever so I might as well do it now. During this time of uncertainty I wanted to share with you a way that I am spreading joy in my community.

A couple weeks ago I ordered a bunch of pinwheels off of Amazon and had planned to put them in random yards. I was telling my sister about my idea and she suggested that I put a bunch of them in my yard with a sign. 

Words don’t always come easily to me so I consulted with my a couple of my wordsmith friends and they helped me come up with the idea of a #PINWHEELMOVEMENT. Ideas were given for the sign and here is the end result.

Pinwheel Movement Sign, spread joy with pinwheels


I want to encourage you to start a #PINWHEELMOVEMENT in your neighborhood. A small act can have a big impact. From my office I've watched several people out on their walks see the sign, stop and grab a pinwheel.


1.Order bulk pinwheels off of Amazon, here's the link to what I ordered. You do have to put assemble them but it goes fairly quickly if you do it while you're binge watching Netflix.  Amazon Pinwheels

2. Print up the sign and place your yard along with your pinwheels. 

Click here for a printable version of my sign.


3. Post on your local community pages on social media so that families will know to stop by and grab one. 


If you start a Pinwheel movement in your neighborhood please use the hashtag #pinwheelmovement I'd love to see this grow. Lets spread joy and love throughout our communities, let everyone know that we will get through this and everything is going to be alright.