About Me

Hi, I'm Nicole, I'm a born and raised California girl. I started decorating apparel in 2015 as a hobby, making shirts for my family's Disney vacations and my children’s sports. It quickly turned into friends asking me to make them shirts too, so I ran with it. In 2017 my New Kids on the Block concert tank tops blew up on Etsy; I would work all night fulfilling orders before I had to head off to my day job. That was the year I decided to leave my full-time state job and take the leap into becoming a full-time creative entrepreneur. I always knew in my heart that an office job wasn’t fulfilling my purpose, and now I’m living my dream, even if it’s the hardest work I’ve ever done.  

Since I started chasing my dream full time, I’ve been able to focus on what I really love creating. And that is quality printed garments. Creating for my own brand, other small businesses, local schools & sports teams. I love working with others to bring their ideas to life from the type of apparel to the print style. My goal is to create quality clothing that will be loved for years. Over the past seven years I have taught myself everything I need to know about apparel decorating, starting with heat transfer vinyl and more recently screen printing. Two of my most important factors are quality materials and proper application. 

My three children are my inspiration. I hope that I am showing them (and others) that they deserve to live a life they love & not to settle into a career that doesn’t fulfill them.